Our story

How did the Foodicave start?

Hi, it’s Iris here, the founder of FOODICAVE. I’m a mum of two lovely boys and wifey to a supportive husband. I love packing foods for the boys, myself & hubby. YES! LUNCHBOXES ARE NOT JUST FOR KIDS! It’s actually a great way to save money especially on family trips, when you know you can pack the food that your family love and will enjoy for the whole day! How awesome is that!

Now you may wonder – why would I choose FOODICAVE containers when there are so many food containers out there? Simply because I cannot find what suits my needs! 

The containers currently on the market seem child-like in their design, some were very heavy and clunky to use, others didn’t have leakproof compartments meaning that I would need many small containers for different foods.  I also wanted to be able to stack the containers, and for them to be made out of sturdy material and wouldn’t break if dropped.  Most of all I found that the containers available on the market were really expensive.  Nothing seemed to cover all of my needs.

That’s when the idea for FOODICAVE was born! The simple design and bold colours suit kids through to teens and even adults. FOODICAVE containers are lightweight, leakproof (including between compartments!), durable – with no breakable parts, stackable, and most importantly FOODICAVE containers are affordable – meaning that you can own a few and meal prep for days ahead with no fuss!

This is just the beginning for us here at FOODICAVE!  More colours and designs coming soon!


Iris xx